hypertection boxHypertection - True Agentless Hypervisor-Based Antivirus Protection for Virtual Environments

Whether an SMB or a large enterprise, you need your virtual infrastructure protected from malware - while sticking with cost-effectiveness and minimal resource consumption. Consider agentless alternative - benefit from virtualization-native approach!

Hypertection is agentless solution that resides in the virtual environment at the hypervisor level and performs virtual machines introspection and antivirus scanning.

Hypertection obtains access to the disks of each virtual machine and provides the malware detection engine with the required data. All analysis is performed outside the virtual machine itself. Online and offline virtual machines and their snapshots can be scanned.

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No agents - no problems

Say goodbye to the scarring stories about 9 AM problem, performance storms or enormously increased licensing costs. Let the hypervisor scan all its virtual machines. There are not any agents to protect, coordinate and pay for. Learn more Hypertection Benefits...

Tired trying to catch it?

We understand you! Sometimes it's so hard to discover what snapshots were infected by malware, and make sure that others did not suffer. It's a phantom menace without antivirus installed on VMs, and coordination disaster with it. See How Hypertection can help.

Looking for Cost-effectiveness?

Hypertection is licensed on the per-CPU base with the unlimited number of VMs. It also doesn't reduce the effective capacity of the host as it does not use VM resources. See Pricing page.

Unified Antivirus Policy

tab_iconHypertection solution uses MS Essentials for Hyper-V hosts and free ClamAV engine for VMware ESX(i) hosts. Manage only hypervisor-based antivirus, do not think about client mashine software - and do not pay for it.


Cover all the network

Manage malware detection on all your hypervisors (Hyper-V and VMware-based) from one administrator machine with Hypertection remote management console.


Scanning outside VM

Hypertection does not use resources of the virtual machine and does not affect its performance. It also does not influence the server capacity, that is the maximal number of virtual machines that can work efficiently on the same host.


One-time and scheduled scanning

Snapshots scanning can be started one time immediately, in a certain date/time, or can be repeated daily or weekly. Get integrated results report from all hypervisors!


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