box_hHypertection is the cutting-edge product specially created for Virtual Environments. It is the first solution that is not just adapted for the virtual infrastructure, but initially developed for it.

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When an enterprise decides if it should virtualize its corporate network, Security is frequently named among both encouraging and restrictive factors. As for data integrity, backup and restore possibilities, data availability, virtual environment possesses a number of benefits. But when we talk about malware protection, Security in virtualized networks is not and easy task. See Security Approaches Comparison. Hypertection is the first product to provide your virtual environment with a seamless, effective, easy to use and manage antivirus protection.

Hypertection is the pioneering hypervisor-based antivirus system. A number of virtualization enthusiasts have dreamed about it, and now, at last, there are not any agents! Hypertection is installed on the hypervisor only and then can directly get access to the file system and active processes of any virtual machine on it, to perform anti-malware scanning. This simple but smart architecture gives quite a number of benefits:

- All scanning is performed outside the virtual machine context, while malware is functioning inside it - so the data obtained for analysis cannot be violated.

- All scanning is performed outside the virtual machine itself - only hypervisor means are used. So, the performance of each virtual machine is not affected.

- As there are not any agents with their simultaneous work and resource consumption, hypervisor capacity as for number of virtual machines is not affected.

- Problems with the simultaneous independent execution of some actions, like 9 AM problem or AV storm, and the necessity to coordinate virtual machine scanning, just do not exist.

- No agent - no need for system self-protection.

Learn more about the benefits of Hypertection and its agentless approach.

So the functioning of Hypertection is seamless, and work with it is very simple:


01.Install Hypertection Agent at each host you want to scan and make sure that Microsoft Security Essentials is installed (for each Hyper-V host).

02.Install Hypertection Management Console to the administrator machine.


03.Connect via Hypertection Management Console to the hypervisors that you want to scan. Trees of all virtual machines and snapshots are built.


04.Manual scanning: Choose virtual machines and snapshots from the general list (both online and offline machines can be scanned). Start scanning.


05.Scheduled scanning: Choose virtual machines snapshots and the date/time parameters to perform regular scanning.


06.Analyze obtained reports.


Want to know more about Hypertection possibilities? See the Feature List!

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