Hypertection Feature List


Configuration and Requirements

  • Hypertection Host Agent must be installed on each hypervisor you want to scan. Currently supported: Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Sever 2012 with Hyper-V role from Microsoft; ESXi 4.x and 5.0 from VMWare.
  • Hypertection Management Console must be installed on the administrator PC; you need one for the whole infrastructure: Windows XP SP3 and higher, Windows Server 2003 R2 (х86,64) and higher.
  • Hypervisor Antivirus Engine must be installed on each hypervisor:
    • For Hyper-V hosts: Microsoft Security Essentials is used (it must be pre-installed);
    • For VMware ESXi: ClamAV antivirus engine is used (it is included to the Hypertection installation pack and can be installed while installing Hypertection Host Agent).
  • Guest OS that can be scanned: Windows XP SP2 and higher.
  • Virtal Machine disks that can be scanned: VHD, VHDX (for Hyper-V), VMDK (for ESXi).


At the moment, the solution provides full-functional support of Microsoft Hyper-V and limited support of VMware ESXi. The full-functional VMware ESXi version is being developed.

Access and Infrastructure Coverage

  • Online and offline virtual machines can be scanned.
  • Access to the virtual machine's files and folders:
    • Regardless their file system access permissions (including hidden by any means);
    • Of unlimited size;
    • Regardless their usage state (e.g. locked email DBs).
  • Access to the virtual machine's active memory (full access for Hyper-V hosts).
  • FAT32/NTFS support.

Easy and Efficient Work

  • Remote work with several hypervisors via one Management Console (Tell me more...).
  • High performance with minimal resource usage (Tell me more...).
  • We use free antivirus engines that provide you with free database updates (Tell me more...).

Scanning Features

  • Full scanning for any snapshot and quick scanning for online snapshots of the running virtual machines.
  • Any just appeared virtual machine is included to the list and ready for scanning.
  • Scheduled scanning: choose the scope and schedule for scanning, use pre-saved scanning templates.
  • Integrated and Detailed reports for all hosts: scanned scope, each snapshot scanning details, found threats and their location.


What does it give you? See Hypertection Benefits!

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