Main functionality


Hypertection is completed with a number of features to make your work on malware protection in virtual environments easier and more effective.

Scanning outside virtual machine: improved performance, effective cost, secure process

Hypertection works on hypervisor level and does not use any agent - permanent or temporal - on a virtual machine. Thus it does not use resources of the virtual machine and does not affect its performance. It also does not influence the server capacity, supporting the emerging trend of increasing number of virtual machines per host. Scanning is naturally centralized, so there cannot be any problems of performance storms or duplicated actions.

In addition, data for scanning is obtained beyond the virtual machine context - so it cannot be violated or hidden by malware, as well as the scanning cannot be avoided from the virtual machine side.



Cover all the network: work with several hypervisors remotely

Manage malware detection on all your hypervisors from one administrator machine. Hypertection includes Management Console that allows administrator to set up scanning tasks and get integrated scanning reports for all hypervisors with Hypertection installed from one place. See all virtual machines and snapshots of your virtual infrastructure in Hypertection Management Console, choose what should be scanned - and perform threat search all over your corporate network!




Unified Antivirus Policy

Hypertection solution uses an antivirus engine installed on hypervisor:

  • - Microsoft Security Essentials for Hyper-V hosts (pre-installed);
  • - ClamAV for VMware ESXi hosts (included in Hypertection installation pack).

Both provide you with free database updates.

Using one antivirus engine, working on hypervior level, you make your licensing policy cost-effective (do not pay for each virtual machine license and permanent updates) and your antivirus policy consistent and stable (manage antivirus for a host, do not think about each client machine).

One-time and scheduled scanning

Administrator is provided with the easy to use Console, where he can choose hypervisors, virtual machines and snapshots to scan. This scanning can be started one time immediately, in a certain date/time, or can be repeated daily or weekly. Scanning templates then can be reused.




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