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Agentless VM Access SDK is a powerful hypervisor tool set to organize agentless access to the virtual environment for your applications. This revolutionary hypervisor-based approach allows your software systems to use all the benefits of virtualization while requiring minimal rework as for the classic non-virtualized versions.

From hypervisor level, you get:

  • Virtual machines and snapshots list for a host with their current statuses
  • Virtual machine file system access (for online and offline machines)
  • Virtual machine active memory access (for online machines)
  • Virtual machine software inventory (for online and offline machines)

Hypertection product is based on the Agentless VM Access SDK and it is a great illustration of how the agentless hypervisor-based access makes "habitual" application ideas work in virtual environment and benefit from it.

SDK Functioning scheme

Agentless VM Access SDK provides:

  • Hyper-V full support
  • VMware ESX(i) limited support (request current functionality comparison chart)

Make virtual environment as transparent for your applications as possible, get virtual machines out of the black box and unify work with them.

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