Hypertection benefits


The key benefits of Hypertection are based on the fact that solution doesn't include agents. Thus it is easily manageable, performance effective and ideally fits the virtual environment.

Other benefits are:

No agents - no problems

Say goodbye to the scarring stories about 9 AM problem, performance storms or enormously increased licensing costs. It's the hypervisor's business to scan all its virtual machines - using its own means. There are not any agents to protect, coordinate and pay for.

Malware cannot violate data

It does not have a chance to hide. Data, obtained by Hypertection for analysis, cannot be violated by malware as it is obtained beyond the virtual machine context. The system now does not have to fight for the self-protection, so it is more simple, easy to use and reliable at the same time.

Doesn't interrupt or slow down your business processes

Your virtual machines will not even notice that they have been scanned. No virtual machine resources are used as all scanning and analysis are performed in the antivirus engine. No duplicated actions, like antivirus database update or decentralized scheduled scanning, adjusted for time zones - it's just the hypervisor business.

Created for live infrastructures

Choose the solution that is created for the live infrastructure. Any just created virtual machine can be automatically included to the scan list. If you don't have much time and want to discover the appeared problem, choose quick scan option. Anyway, you can perform full in-depth scanning at any moment. Support your routine processes: Hypertection posses the scheduled scanning feature: choose the scope, time, and periodicity - and obtain regular reports about network scanning results.

Provides you with exclusive process control

There are always some users who locally switch off the antivirus by various reasons: because it slows down their work, conflicts with other software... With Hypertection, scanning cannot be avoided from the virtual machine side, so the hypervisor administrator is the only one who manages the process. And moreover, forget about local conflicts with antivirus - now it doesn't interact directly with the virtual machine software.

Prevents boosting costs

Interacting with Microsoft Security Essentials and ClamAV, Hypertection allows you to get antivirus system for all virtual machines for free with free updates. One license installed on the hypervisor will be enough to scan all its virtual machines - so you can manage the costs independently from the virtual machine life cycle, appearance and rotation. Don't spend time and resource to control your antivirus policy all-over the network: Hypertection Management Console makes all host antiviruses visible for you, and you don't even think about client antivirus software.

See the notes of enterprise usage.

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