Hypertection in your company


Hypertection can revolutionize the antivirus protection of your virtualized corporate infrastructure

Malware is a widespread problem in the IT infrastructures. Virtual environments have not avoided it, and if the system administrators all over the world nowadays know how to deal with the malware threat in the classic environments, virtualized ones still posses a number of organizational and coordination problems.

Goal-directed protection

Administrators often meet such problem as a virus residing in one or several virtual machines, which are running on the server. Obviously, the administrator should get to know where exactly the virus resides and if other virtual machines are affected. Check all virtual machines on this server with their local antiviruses? It's an enormous amount of time, costs for antivirus licenses for each virtual machine, and moreover, if there are different antiviruses on the machines, the virus can be found on some of them and not found on others. Such total scanning during the working day will surely disturb users and interrupt business processes of the company. See the comparison of the virtual security approaches

Hypertection seamlessly scans all the virtual machines of the server, both offline and running ones, one by one, without affecting their performance. The host antivirus system is used for all of them. After the scanning, administrator gets the report, where all infected virtual machines and corresponding threats are mentioned.

Use non-working hours

To prevent such kind of problems, administrator of classic environments used to apply regular scheduled scanning of all network during the non-working time. Is it possible in virtual environment, when almost all virtual machines are offline? With Hypertection it is really possible! Combining scheduled scanning feature with online/offline virtual machine scanning support, Hypertection easily resolves this task and gives the administrator detailed report of the corporate network health.

Get all the benefits

With Hypertection you can really benefit from the virtualization. It was impossible to scan all machines of the classic network from one place: you should involve policy for users, setup regular scanning on each machines... Virtualization gives you an opportunity to centralize all maintenance tasks, including antivirus protection - by means of Hypertection, and thus cut the costs for software licenses, time resources and hardware base.

See how Hypertection works in the Product Video Tour!

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